Viet Vo Dao

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 18:32 -- pottol

Viet Vo Dao

The complete ensemble of Martial Art developed in Vietnam. It encompasses techniques coming from:

  • VoViNam
  • Quan Ki Do
  • Viet Khi Phap


Martial Arts are strongly based on theory, since these are art for living better more than fight.

That is, Martial Arts are not only set of body movements but there are also solid reasons about those movements.

The theory is mostly based upon taohism. In the following some notes about Viet Vo Dao theory:


Basic Techniques

VVD comprehends a lot of techniques but there are someone very common to be learned before other ones. These are:


  • Falls: simple falls, just protect the body using hands
  • Roll: partially transforming the top-down movement in rotational race
  • Tumble: completely transforming top-down movement in rotational race


  • Chao Ma Tan 
  • Dinh Tan 
  • Doc Hanh Tan 
  • Duong Cung Tan 
  • Hac Tan 
  • Hanh Tan 
  • Ho Tan 
  • Hung Tan 
  • Lap Tan 
  • Lien Hoa Tan 
  • Quy Tan 
  • Thu Binh Tan 
  • Toa Tan 
  • Trung Binh Tan 
  • Tu Binh Tan 
  • Xa Tan 
  • Xa Tan Thap 

    Hands (Harms)

  • Fist: Dam Muk, Dam Lao, ...
  • Safe
  • Cut: Hand-Cut, Neck-Cut, ...


  • Front-House
  • Side-House (Lateral House)
  • Round-House
  • Hammer
  • Axe