Info Ba Gua

Information Lucky Quadrant = Application of Feng Shui principles on IT.

Information Feng-Shui Lucky Quadrant

Here the Information Feng-Shui Lucky Quadrant. 
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Feng-Shui - IT Mapping

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Concept Feng Shui IT
Scope Family health, happines, prosperity IT resilience, protection, utility
Meaning 'Wind' and 'Water' Information Technology
What Qi: Healt, Happines and Prosperity come from a proper flow of Qi (a concept similar to “Prana” or “Pneuma”) Information: Healt, Happines and Prosperity come from a proper flow of Information
How Balance: as other Chinese art, it is based on the Yin, Yang and Tao notions. The secret is the balance (Tao) between Yin and Yang Environment: information could be correctly protected, stored and used only in an wholesome environment
9 Areas the combination of 3 consecutives Yin and Yang carries out the 8 BaGua that are associated to 9 Areas (8 + 1) there are 9 main areas concerning information management
Correct Flow The Qi flow among Areas must be right quantity, no too much, no too less The information flow can be leaded to the right “behaviour”
Remedy Cures: if some blockage or flooding happen at certain areas, proper remediations (cures) can be undertaken Coutermeasures: proper remediations could be undertaken, in order to preserve proper information flow