Athlete's Heart

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 15:18 -- pottol

The intensive sport training provides important but reversible permanent modifications to cardiovascular apparatus.

The morphological changes are dependent upon the training kind:

  • endurance: overall volume and mass
  • power: hypertrophy of myocardium (muscle of the hearth)

The functional changes are in the form of sinus bradicardia (slow heartbeat), bringing to:

  • atrioventricular block: stretching of beat interval (1/3 of athletes)
  • ectopic beats: fallen heartbeat (normal people has at least 1 per day)

Sport Taxonomy based on Cardiovascular Effort

# Level Examples Heart Modifications
1 Minimal jogging, march, cycletourism not high hearthbeat, some peripheral resistances
2 Neurogenic

car racing, shooting


increasing of heartbeats frequence
3 Pression fast run, weightlifting high heartbeat frequence, increase of vascular resistance and arterial pressure
4 Medium soccer, tennis, basket many and fast increases of heartbeat frequency and peripheral vascular opposition
5 High marathon, agonistic bicycling, rowing high hearthbeat frequence and