Project Management

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Leadership vs Management

Leader and Manager have opposed but highly intertwined tasks. These brief notes try to help discovering it.


Property Leader Manager
Time Future Present
Task What: Do the Right Thing How: Do the Thing Rightly
Objective Health, Strenght Wealth, Prosperity
Number Odd Even


Thus, using the Lucky Quadrant as a model: 


  • Odd Trigrams belong to Leader
  • Even Trigrams belong to Manager

Leading to 4 properties each, that characterize Good Leaders and Good Managers.

Leadership Characteristics

The Odd Trigrams lead the properties of a Good Leader


Characteristic Ba Gua Underpinning Skill
Magnetize 7. Creativity (Joy) Ingenuity, New Concepts
Convince 1. Career (Depth) Reasoning and Modelize Situations
Trustness 3. Health (Strength) Demonstrate Common Sense, Foresight
Repute 9. Fame (Integrity) Coherence, Foresight



Manager Characteristics

As opposite, the Even Trigrams lead the properties of Good Manager.


Characteristic ba Gua Underpinning Skill
Accuracy 8. Knowledge (Stillness) Describing Situation, Number Modelling
Orientation to Results 4. Wealth (Gratitude) Trip Vision, Trustness
Paying Attention 2. Love (Receptivity) Understanding practical situation and people
Taking Advantage 6. Helpful (Synchronicity) Ask Help, Evaluating People