Approaching "Nineteen Eighty-Four" Orwell's Premonition

Thu, 08/17/2017 - 16:30 -- pottol
Like Julius Verne that foretld discoveries and tools about scientific fields, George Orwell did about social and government ones.
No Doubt, we are approaching 1984' Government structure:
- 3 big superstates: : Oceany - Eurasia - Eustasia (or, probably AM, EMEA e APJ; even if Brexit introduce to London as Oceania' Major)
- totalitarian: mantaining control over society
- IngSoc
- BigBrother
- ProletE
- etc.
For reaching this configuration, some steps had been achieved, during centuries:
# Years Ago      
1. 500 Colombo: 12/10/1492 You can go wherever you want by ship

English Piracy: Sir Francis Drake

Turkish: Towers for sighting Barbaresque

17 in Latium (2 from Michelangelo)

107 in Sardinia

2. 400 Sclavery to Americas mistreatment of African workers First usurpation against Africa
3. 250 States in Africa Europe States would talk with States representatives export our democracy (as it were the only possible one)
4. 150 Opium War Also Asia should be exploited The UK empire finished together with aviation birth
5. 70 Weapon to Africa Selling many weapon to African people Europe would Africans to play at war, far from Europe
Some of this are about modification of people:
- uniformation (2., 5.)
- spreading (2., 5.)
- standardization (3., 4.)
THe foundation is the modification of the concept od distance: 1.

The only ethnic group that are reacting to "Nineteen Eighty-Four" Orwell's Premonition are the Han. Han had developed a plan for spreading acros the world (es. Sinicization of Tibet) and, so, being able to counterfeting this foreordered layout.
We are facing the big match Anglo-Saxon vs. Chinese...