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The intensive sport training provides important but reversible permanent modifications to cardiovascular apparatus.

The morphological changes are dependent upon the training kind:

  • endurance: overall volume and mass
  • power: hypertrophy of myocardium (muscle of the hearth)

The functional changes are in the form of sinus bradicardia (slow heartbeat), bringing to:

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Traditional Vietnamese Music

  1. Lo Loi, Thu Le (
  2. Beo Dat May Troi
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Old cars need spare part parts sometimes.

Having good knowledge of what could get necessary and where to find it is essential for holding cars:

  • What could be addressed using technical manuals (official ones and not)
  • Where needs to issue a list of suppliers

This brief article is aimed at aiding with "where" part.

Spare Parts Taxonomy

Spare Parts could be classified by two dimensions: