Esoteric Learning


Learning Mode

<span style="font-family:" courier;="" font-size:="" medium;="" line-height:="" normal;="" "="">There are 3 main methods to learn, depending on the main used observation sense that leads to different approach and mode of operations:


Mode Sense Method Description Esoteric Centre Detective Example
Logic, Rational Hearing, Word Investigation Putting special care in words the people says Indo-European Tenent Columbo
Visual, Photographic Pictures, Imagination Putting special care in what is possible to watch and look at Meso-American Sharlock Holmes
Instictive, Sensorial Body Reaction, Concrete Feeling Putting special care in what is possible to what is possible to do, direct experience in investigated people reactions Asian-Chinese Agente 007




The learning should be accomplished on the basis of the own personality. 

For this purpose, the Enneagram Models could be used.