Esoteric Centres

There are a lot of similitudes among different esoteric concepts that is possible to find in different part of the world.

Focusing on differences and agreements accross models (e.g. "5 Elements", "Magic Quadrant"), it is possible to sort out the history (Evolution) and the geography (Distribution) along the world, in 2 ways: 

  • Dissimilarity (Little Difference): help in grouping together geographical area of the same esoteric concepts sharing 
  • Contrat (Major Difference): help in segregating major zone of different concepts evolution

    Putting together with legends and folk tale, like the Flood Essay (described in the Bible, in the Gilgamesh Tales, in the Mayan Indian Myth, etc) it come out there are 3 main esoteric centers in the world, listed in the following table:


    Acronym Esoteric Centre Flood-Safe Area Post-Flood Development Area Main Culture & Religion 5 Elements
    EMEAIJ Indo-Europe Kilimanjaro Mountain Mesopotamian 
    then India, Europe, Russia, Japan
    Egyptian, Latin-Greek 
    then Buddhism, Induism, Christianity, Islam
    Air, Water, Heart, Fire, Space
    AM Meso-American Andes Mountains Yucathan 
    then Mexico, Sub-Andes
    Air, Water, Heart, Fire, Void
    AP Chino-Asian Himalaya Mountains China 
    then Indo-Chinese Peninsula
    Confucianism, Buddhism
    Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Heart